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Designing home additions is different than designing new homes. In addition to the usual client-specific requirements, the architect must also consider the existing home’s style, scale, proportion, and the neighborhood where it sits. In many older homes the ceiling heights and floor-to-floor heights are smaller than in typical newer homes making it difficult to align new floors. Older construction methods can make meeting energy conservation standards for heating and cooling a challenge. Due to small lot size or changed regulations, additions to older homes often require regulatory approval from zoning boards, historic district commissions, or conservation commissions.

At Downer / Associates our goal is to find the design that achieves the amenities and matches the performance of a new home, while preserving the aesthetics of the older home. When completed our additions should look like they were always part of the original home design. This strategy also has been helpful when the design needs regulatory approval.

Client comments:

"I did want to tell you I saw the head of the Wayland Zoning Board last weekend... He did say ‘your architect did a really great job’. Thought you would appreciate that! I know that the design carried the approval, especially in a town like Wayland... Thanks."

- Richard S.

"In the early stages requiring permits and planning board agreement you gave us sound advice, peace of mind, and confidence...Thanks for all you did".

- Elliott T.